Who Is Claire Danes?

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The American actress is one of the stars of international film. Her starring role in the television series Welcome to Life, starting in 1994, not only earned Claire Danes a Golden Globe, but also popularized her and her television partner Jared Leto while she was still attending the Performing Arts High School of New York . From a young age she was seen in major cinema productions and alongside the most well-known actors in Hollywood. In 2010, Danes received an Emmy for the title role of autistic Temple Grandin in the television adaptation of the same name. Her most successful films also include “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Hours” and “Stage Beauty”…

Claire Catherine Danes was born on April 12, 1979 in New York City.

There she grew up with her older brother Asa with her parents, the computer dealer Chris Danes and the painter and teacher Carla, in the artist district of SoHo and attended school. Claire’s creative streak was always encouraged by her parents, especially her mother, who is an artist herself. So it happened that she was already trained in classical dance at the age of six. At the age of nine she took acting classes at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. At the same time, she continued to pursue her dance education.

Claire Danes gained her first stage experience in off-Broadway plays such as “Happiness”, “Punk Ballet” and “Kids on Stage”, in which she was also able to demonstrate her talent as a dancer. Claire Danes made her film debut in 1990, at the age of eleven, in the Milos Forman-produced film Dreams of Love. She embodied an abused child. That same year, she had a guest role on the hit series Law and Order. Her performances were so incisive that she caught the attention of major Hollywood studios, including director Steven Spielberg, who wanted Danes to star in Schindler’s List.

At the same time, Claire Danes had applied for the TV series “My So-Called Life” and gave it preference. Success confirmed her decision. The series and Claire Danes’ performance received critical acclaim. She was nominated for an Emmy and awarded a Golden Globe. Her first big screen role was in the 1994 film adaptation of Betty and Her Sisters, alongside Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon. The following year she was again in front of the camera for a major Hollywood film, for “An American Quilt” by Jocely Moorhouse.

Claire Danes worked with her idol Jodie Foster on the set of “Family Reunion and Other Troubles.” The two became close friends and Jodie Foster took on the role of mentor to the talented and up-and-coming Claire Danes. She had her international breakthrough in 1996 with the leading role of “Juliet” in William Shakespeare’s adaptation of the novel “Romeo and Juliet” alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. Baz Luhrmann’s modern version of Shakespeare caused a stir because he combined modern imagery with classic Shakespearean language. Claire Danes had made a name for herself and further role offers were not long in coming.

She has starred alongside recognized Hollywood greats, including 1997’s U-Turn, starring Sean Penn, and the Oscar-winning film The Hours, starring Nicole Kidman. After graduating from the Performing Arts High School of New York, she began her four-year studies at Yale University after filming “Brokedown Palace” in September 1998, her letter of recommendation was written by Oliver Stone. Her subsequent productions include Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003), Flora Plum (2004) and 2005’s Stage Beauty.

In 2007 she was in front of the camera for the productions “Spuren eines Lebens” (Evening), “Der Sternwanderer” (Stardust) and “The Flock – Dunkle Triebe” (The Flock). In 2010, Danes received an Emmy for the title role of autistic Temple Grandin in the television adaptation of the same name.


1990 – Dreams of Love

1994 – Betty and her sisters

1995 – An American Quilt

1995 – family celebration and other difficulties

1995 – The Pesky Suitor

1996 – I Love You, I Love You Not

1996 – Shadow of a Love

1996 – William Shakespeare”s Romeo & Juliet

1997 – Princess Mononoke (voice)

1997 – U-Turn – No Turning Back

1997 – The Rainmaker

1998 – Polish Wedding – Yesterday I was a virgin

1998 – Les Miserables

1999 – Mod Squad: Temporary Cops

1999 – Brokedown Palace

2002 – The Hours

2002 – Igby

2002 – It’s All About Love

2003 – Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines

2004 – Shop Girl

2004 – Flora Plum

2005 – Stage Beauty

2005 – The Stone family – Engagement forbidden

2007 – Traces of a Life (Evening)

2007 – Starwalker (Stardust)

2007 – The Flock – Dark Drives (The Flock)

2008 – Me and Orson Welles

2010 – Temple Grandin (Temple Grandin) (TV)

How old is Claire Danes?

43 years
April 12, 1979

Who is Claire Danes married to?

Hugh Dancy
m. 2009

What is Claire Danes known for?

Actress Claire Danes began her critically acclaimed career as the star of ‘My So-Called Life’ before moving on to films like ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and her Emmy-winning role on ‘Homeland.

What nationality is Claire Danes?

Claire Catherine Danes (born April 12, 1979) is an American actress.

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